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Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee Salmon are a fresh water derivative of the Sockeye Salmon that hold in 50-56 degree water. They have an arctic bluish green back with silver side and whitish bellies. They primarily feed on plankton and will attack lures to protect their food source.

Kokanee Salmon are aggressive striking, hard-fighting aerobatic speed demons. Once hooked these powerful fish are a challenge for even the most skilled angler because of their soft mouth. With a landing ratio of 50%-80% for most anglers, these trips are alot of fun for all ages. The table fare of the Kokanee Salmon baked, grilled or smoked is comparable to the same quality of Fresh Sockeye Salmon from Alaska.


Kokanee Salmon will be bright chrome until about August of their third year of life. Around the first week of August is when they start getting pinkish-gray, the scales begin disappearing and they really put up a great fight. By the end of August they start turning red as they stop eating and school together getting ready to spawn. 

Kokanee become very territorial by mid August and will attack just about anything that comes too close to them. Kokanee Salmon are planted as fingerling every year to grow for two to three years in the lake before they are caught or spawn and die. Bass Lake average sizes during season: April-May 13"-16" 1-1.5lbs, June 15"-17" 1.5-2.25lbs , July 16"-18" 1.75-2.5lbs August 16.5"-19" 2-3lbs.


Rainbow Trout that we catch can range from a half pound 13 inch to a 24" 5+ pound Trophy Trout! While we do target the salmon most of the season, we do get some nice rainbows too. They are more common in the early part of the season and maybe targeted the first couple monthes of the year..