Meet The Guide


DFW Guide License #3408

I have lived in this area all my life and grew up fishing for trout in streams and lakes throughout the Sierra with my father, brothers and friends. I have been fishing for trout and Kokanee on Bass Lake for over 30 years. I have been Guiding at Bass Lake since 2000, a couple of years after realizing the best Kokanee fishing in the state was right in my own backyard. I want to be more than a fishing guide for the day, I like to teach anglers how to fish with downriggers and how to use other fishing equipment like fishfinders and GPS units. I allow the anglers the chance to help as little or as much as they want. This will help them become better fishermen on not only Bass Lake, but on other lakes as well. 

I have fished for many different species of fish in the ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds, with Kokanee Salmon still being my favorite fishing. I have helped DFW with setting up Kokanee raising pens at San Joaquin River Hatchery with Project Kokanee. I was a founding business member of Kokanee Power fishing club when it was formed in Fresno back in June 1998. I've spent many hours with local DFG Biologists experimenting with California's first Kokanee Triploid project along with special rainbow trout projects and the current Kokanee Salmon plantings taking place at Bass Lake every spring.

While I want your repeat business and referrals, I also want every customer to take with them information that may enhance

their next fishing trip without a guide.